Tuesday, 20 January 2015

5 Favourite Things .. January


It recently occurred to me that I haven't yet done a beauty post on my blog which got me thinking I should probably get going with one as we are already approaching the end of January. So my lovelies I am for the entire year going to be doing a '5 Favourite Things' for each month. As this is my first one please bare with me as I am still getting use to all this technicality. So lets begin, as January is one of the coldest months of the year I often feel I have to stock up on lots of goodies to keep me from A) getting stuck in the miserable blues of January and B) because January seems to hate my hair and skin and wants to go everything in its power to make me look lifeless. Below are my favourite products I have discussed recently which are helping me defend the bitterly cold conditions. 

Starting with hair care, as someone with curly hair which tends to dry out, go frizzy or just completely loose all gravity control I am constantly looking for products that are going to improve the condition and maintain this manic mane of mine. This Phil Smith 'Total Treat Argan Oil Cream' stood out to me because of the perfect pink packaging and the fact it was on offer for only £2. I had also heard good things about any haircare product that contained Argan Oil so thought this might be worth a shot. I use this every evening after my shower, once i have combed through my hair using my tangle teaser I place a pea size amount on the tips of my fingers and run through the ends of my hair. What I love most about this product is the thick and creamy consistency, yet it surprisingly doesn't leave any residue once my hair has dried, the product also smells amazing which is also a bonus. This product is no longer on offer for £2, however it 's standard retail price is only £4, for such a great product that gives a great conditioning treatment to the hair, I think it is well worth it.

Phil Smith's Total Treat Argan Oil Cream

 In conjunction with my Phil Smith Argan Oil Cream I also use a very small amount of this Moroccan Oil to give my hair that extra condition and shine. People with curly hair will know what I am on about when I say my hair can sometimes feel dryer than the Sahara Dessert, so I have to nourish it with everything I can. I received this product as a Christmas Present last year and have used it every day since. This product is a bit of a luxury one for me as having scanned the online beauty retailers it coming up at a price of £31.00. I would definitely recommend it though if you are suffering from dry locks.

Moroccan Oil

As well as my hair, my skin also suffers from the cold and it always use to feel tight and very dry particularly on my forehead. Over the years I have spent numerous amounts of my hard earned pennies on expensive products promising to 'Moisturise' and 'Enrich' my poorly skin, however, much to my despair non of them quite had that thick and creamy consistency I was looking for, until ..... this. This little pot of magic is an essential in my daily / nightly skin routine, it seeps right through the layers of my skin giving me all day and night protection from the cold, it is fresh and pleasant smelling and lasts a good few months. Because the cream is so thick you only need a small amount to cover the entire face and neck. Although is says on the bottle regenerating night cream I also use it in the morning because it is the only cream that gives my skin the moisture it needs. I can safely say this product does exactly what it says on the tin. My skin constantly feels smooth, silky and regenerated.

Regenerating Night Cream - Nivea

I had to include this Clarin's One Step Exfoliating Cleanser in my Top 5 as over the past few months it has given my skin such a smooth and healthy glow! I am a bit of a one for a Clarin's product I have to admit, although pricey they really are up there in terms of ingredients and performance. All Clarin's products seem to have this delightfully refreshing aroma to them and this little beauty is no exception. I use this three times a week in the shower whilst my hair is soaking in my extra moisturising conditioner. What I love about this product is unlike most exfoliators it is so gentle on my skin and it doesn't have that horrible scratchy sand paper feeling on my cheeks. As well as being a brilliant exfoliator, it also cleanses my skin rubbing off any left over make. I managed to find this product for £17.50 (normally priced at £20.00) from an online retailer called 'allbeauty.com' (link below).


Last but certainly not least is another dreamy product from Nivea. One of my pet hates is going to bed feeling like I still have even the tiniest left overs of make up still on my skin which is why I am all about the Cleansing products. A few things I particularly like about this product is the packaging (Pretty & Pink), the price £2.51 , the smell and the texture. Unlike other cleansers this one is again very creamy and very moisturising, containing both Hydra IQ and Almond Oil which is very good for sensitive skin. I am very happy with this Cleanser at the moment but because I love trying out new products I am definitely going to explore more of the Nivea range as I have been so impressed by the moisturiser and this product.

So there you have it, my 5 favourite things for January. I have really enjoyed creating this post and can't wait to source my next 5 things for February's post! Stay Tuned!
If you feel like raving about any products that you are using at the moment please comment below as I would love to try them out!


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mr. Postman...

One very bad habit of mine and much to my little sisters disgust is rummaging through her wardrobe, which should strictly speaking have a sign labelled 'Out of bounds' on the door. I, on a weekly basis check out my sister's wardrobe to see what new goodies she's got,  it turns out, she has been hiding some old goodies as well! Like this beautiful winter coat I found pushed right to the back of her forever growing collection, still with the label on it! So with my sweetest smile and a hand full of Jelly Babies, as a peace offering requested I try it on, you know just to check whether I wanted to get one like it. It must have my lucky day because she said she said I could make it a permanent feature in my wardrobe as she never wore it anyway. Result. 

Here are some outerwear I am loving at the moment. 
Bliss Faux Suede Shearling Jacket : Tan
Orla Faux Fur Leather Biker Sleeve Coat : Black



Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Long Boots and Mini Skirts ...

Hi Girls! Sorry there has been another major gap between my posts! The computer I blog from is located in my little sisters room and she has been back from Uni since Christmas and I haven't had a chance to sneak in and use it! Anyway hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Despite my positive and pro active attitude, 2015 didn't get off to the smoothest start for me, I dropped my phone down the toilet on New Years Day and haven't felt very well this past week! However the positives are I got a IPhone 5s, I am feeling much better and I went on a massive shopping spree at the weekend, which I will blogging all about over the next few weeks!
I've always loved the look of long boots and mini skirts so felt I had to style up an outfit to put up on my blog and show you guys. This is one of my favourite outfits at the moment, particularly because this mini skirt use to belong to my ever so stylish mummy. Mini Skirts have definitely made a come back into the fashion industry over the past year, there are so many styles and colours that are storming the stores right now. I think the great thing with a mini skirt is it can be worn in so many different ways. They can be paired with cosy wooly tights and knee high boot for winter, similar to what i have done here or you can summer it up with a pair of flip flops or pretty wedges. I have linked below a couple of my favourite mini skirts right now.
                                                              Topshop                                         Missguided                                    



Wednesday, 24 December 2014

New York ...

Hi Girls! So i'm finally back from New York after an amazing week away! Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas Day! Only one more sleep before the eating, sleeping and ridiculous board games commence .. I would love to hear what you are all up to so feel free to drop a comment below.

Friday 12th December my family and I boarded the Virgin Atlantic to New York City, Manhattan. Things got off to a rocky start with a problem regarding traffic control meant we were delayed several hours which i have to say i was not best pleased about, i wanted to get as much time in New York as i possibly could. Luckily everything got sorted and we were on our way, up in the sky for a scary 7 1/2 hours, i tuned into my TV and watched as many movie as i could.

Here is a list of some of the amazing things I got up to in New York followed by a few photos !
We ...
Visited every major department store in New York including Macy's, Bloomingdales and Saks
Rode in a Horse and Carriage around Central Park
Watched the Ice Skating in front of the Rockefeller Centre
Visited the New York Christmas Market
Walked up and down 5th Avenue shopping to our hearts content
Went on an Uptown bus tour
Visited Ground Zero, otherwise known as the twin tours memorial
Had lunch in the Donald Trump Tower
Shopped in Tiffany's (to which I did actually make a purchase)
Saw the Empire State Building
Walked along the Hudson River where we also saw the Statue of Liberty
Had lunch at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Had dinner at Gordon Ramsey's Restaurant Maze
Had a drink at one of New York's popular Irish Pubs
Walked the New York High Line  (a 1.45 mile long linear park built on an elevated bridge which use to be New York's central railroad)
Visited the Meat Packing district where we found the amazing Chelsea Market
Viewed famous building that were seen in films like Spiderman, Friends, Sex and the City and Men in Black.
Had an amazing dinner on our last night a Michelin star Italian restaurant called Ai Fiori
The trip was honestly amazing and I would recommend this city break to anyone, there is so much to do and see. I don't know what it is about New York but you just can't help but fall in love with it. It is busy and loud and sometimes a bit dirty but the vibe, the people and the amazing buildings completely override this, I definitely hope to go back in the near future potentially in the summer time!

If you have ever been to New York I would love to hear what you got up to !